How to Keep Your Home Tidy With Children

Me: “Oh my gosh! This place is so messy!”

Proceeds to pick up toys, fix cushions, wash dishes, sweep and mop floors, febreze couches, make beds, clean bathroom, put clothes in baskets………..drops into my bed!

Me: “I’m so tired! You all don’t do anything to help me!”

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

How to make your challenge an opportunity

With all that’s going on in the world today, things may seem quite challenging in a lot of areas! This week, I share on how we can make these challenges an opportunity.

How to gain the confidence to show up

Do you struggle with the confidence to show up in person or online for your business? Here are a few ways you can overcome the excuses and show up as a powerful and confident business owner and leader. ❤️

How to remove chaos from your life

Often times, when we don’t have a routine, our lives can become chaotic. This week I share some ways you can remove chaos from your life with some simple daily shifts.

How to make better decisions

Are you tired of going down the road of making bad decisions that affect your life and business? I was at that place for many years, until I learned the steps towards good decision making.

3 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals

This week we talk about the things you can do to bring your business ideas to reality.

There are quite a few ideas that can be created and launched during the pandemic.

Do you feel stuck? Then do this

What do you do when you have all these ideas in your head, and it stops you from moving forward?

In this video, we talk about what you can do to get you from stuck to productive!

Your #1 Super Power as a Mompreneur

As moms and as entrepreneurs, we have a unique super power! This week’s video shares what it is, and how you can use it to create change in your life and business today, even in these uncertain times.

Productivity Challenge Day 5

It’s hard to believe but we are coming to the end of our five day challenge to get off your butt and finally beat unproductivity. I hope you’ve been following along and more importantly that you’ve been making progress on at least one of the things you’ve been procrastinating on. We end today with the most important piece of advice and the main lesson I want you to take away from all this.