Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch with Kelisha Mills Elizabeth Montano Panelist
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The Brix Hotel

The Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch 2023

The Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch is the premier 1-Day event for ambitious Mom Entrepreneurs who value business

Liku T. Amadi, Esq.
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Structure – Woman, Wifey, Mama, Mogul (needing structure to handle multiple life roles) with Liku T. Amadi

Can you do it all? In this chat, we share how structure helps in allowing us to handle the many

Kelisha seated on a couch
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IG Live – Highlights of 2022 and Lessons Learnt

Mompreneurs, let`s connect and reflect on the challenges we all experienced and plan ahead for the new year. I can

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Visibility: PR Strategies for Global Impact with Carla Williams

We chat about the key strategies that will maximize your visibility as a woman entrepreneur. Ready?

Dana Hayes-Burke
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VISION – Going Beyond the Basics with Dana Hayes-Burke

What does it take to build your vision with a solid foundation? We chat on the keys to creating a