A 6-hour Content Strategy Guide for Mompreneurs: Save time and increase your impact

As a mom, your time is limited. Add the role of entrepreneur on top of that, and time just seems to disappear. Creating content is a major part of marketing your business. Crafting content takes up a lot of time and energy. It is not as difficult as it seems, but without a strategy, it can be time consuming. Strategies for content creation have been made to help make the process easier. I have made the switch to ClickUp to work my strategy. It has been going well so far.
In this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you how I create a month’s worth of content in 6 hours or less. I’ll walk you through what I do in those 6 hours so that you can reach your audience with meaningful and impactful way, without overwhelm.

The Ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Day as a Working Mom

I know it can be highly stressful during these times when the children are at home. The demands of work, children and other responsibilities can create very stressful days! In this week’s blog, I share a guid with six (6) ways you can reduce the stress as you go through your day.

What Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur has Taught Me

Being a mom is tough. You have to balance work and life while taking care of your children. Being a mom for over 16 years, I have learned alot! One of my top lessons is that I felt at times like I did not have support. I now understand that I feel that way because I don’t see how much help is around, if I just ask. It’s not easy but it’s worth it in the end.

4 Ways to Prepare your Business for A Post-Covid World

I hope you got the memo…..we’re not returning to normal. Life and business are forever changed. What we would have grown accustomed to has been forever changed, with no clear answers to what the next year (or even month) will look like.

5 Steps to Developing your Stay-at-Home Business Idea in 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, is to be prepared. With the whirlwind of unexpectancy that the pandemic has unleashed on the world, only those who have tapped into the power of creativity and resilience reaped the benefits of consumers who suddenly had more time to buy any and everything.

Three Ways My Mom Loved Me, and Did Some Damage

This is a post to show how we can love our children, and, by trying to protect them from the hurt and pain we have experienced, do some damage in three common ways: their money mindset, their dreams and their mental & emotional wellbeing.

7 Surefire Ways To Turn Your Desires Into Reality

There are some important factors when establishing our life’s outcome which need to be addressed if we are to remain juiced about it or stay motivated about it through the duration of acquiring the changes and the desired results. So, this week, we are going to talk about the factors that will keep that momentum towards the new life we are aiming towards.

How To Figure Out What You Really, Really Want.

You may or may not be surprised to hear that not every mompreneur knows what they want to do with their lives. There are many women who have such amazing minds and can accomplish so many things, yet they are never sure of what direction in life they would like to take.