How I #Upleveled My Home Office


2020 has been an eventful year thus far!

Big businesses are shutting down left and right. This has, however, brought to light the millions of small and online business owners like myself, and how valuable we are in the digital space.

It’s so important, now more than ever, to set up ourselves in a way that positions us to reap the rewards of online business. If you have ever thought of branding yourself, or setting your self apart from your competition (differentiation factor), now is the time to make that change. 

Today’s Blog will give you some ideas to #uplevel your home office or recording space so that your audience will be even more attracted to you and take whatever action you ask them to! 

Sounds good? 


Let’s go!

N.B. Affiliate links are present. Thank you for your support! 

P.S: It’s important to note that prices have drastically increased since Covid19 started. You can always look for alternatives.

First things first; your backdrop. You want it to be tasteful and beautiful. Even if it is a plain painted wall, let that paint be popping! When I first laid eyes on this wallpaper from an influencer I follow, Dayna Bolden, I knew I had to have it. Everything about it just pops!

Get yours or similar styles HERE.

Blue Yeti Mic

I love how this Blue Yeti Mic fits in with my overall color scheme. I’m still learning how to get my sound clearer. There are other amazing (and lower cost) options like the Fifine Podcast Microphone.

Get your Blue Yeti HERE.

You can also get a recommended POP Filter HERE.

I always had truoble getting that mic right in front of my mouth. With this adjustable arm, I can get that mic at just the right angle for maximum sound output.

Get yours HERE.

I used to put boxes or my ironing board in front of me so that I can place my precious laptop on it to show my background. Totally unsafe! Now I can place my laptop securely in front of me when I go live or record, without fear of it falling over or taking forever to position it right. This has a double benefit as well: I can travel with it to use at my speaking engagements if one is not provided. 

Get yours HERE.

Selfie Stick

I bought this Selfie stick ahead of my trip to Italy and Paris in 2018. It’s such a great tool to have, especially in your home office. You can sit it on your desk for lives as the stick extends and has a tripod! It’s bluetooth capable, so you can take those Social Media photos on a timer. Super awesome! 

Get yours HERE.

This 18″ Ring light is one you can grow with. That’s why I opted for this one over a 10″ light. The expanse of the light gives me enough coverage without having to get box lights. It also has the attachment for your phone and camera. Great investment. 

Get yours HERE.

Sony RX 100 IV


This Cybershot camera was a $1,000 USD gift from one of my coaches Brendon Burchard! Shoots in 4K and is awesome for Vlogging. 

I would recommend, though, a DSLR for recording.


I’ll update this post with a link when I get my DSLR (yes, speaking it into existence! lol)

I absolutely love this webcam! It gives such clear, high definition of my face and surroundings. I use it whenever I have online meetings, recordings and lives! Also a great investment!

This webcam was increased in price by over 200% when the pandemic hit. Get yours at the now more realistic price HERE.

Candles always help me remain more focused, calm and relaxed while working. I love Bath and Body Works scents! There are other amazing brands and scents out there. I’ll do another blog post with my favorites.

I’ll aslo do another post with my favorite office decor.

I have learned from my mentors that excellence is key! When you are doing something, go it WELL! That immediately places you in the position of a thought leader, expert and trendsetter.

Each purchase is an investment in YOU and your business. I don’t take it lightly.

And another piece of advice…..when you purchase, be sure to use them!! It makes absolutely no sense stocking up on stuff and waiting for everything to be perfect. I use ALL of the items listed for various purposes. 

With that said, I look forward to seeing your home office upgrades! Be sure to tag me so I can celebrate your wins with you!

Leave me a comment below if this post has been helpful to you.


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  1. Kelisha Mills is part of my tribe for all that she does and the focus she gives to authenticating her word, work, and support. We still don’t mutually recall how we got connected but we are rolling through life, ripping through the cobwebs believing those placed in our path are for our greater good and clarity in direction.

    I love watching your growth, your applications, and willingness to take others with you. Keep forging ahead! I needed a microphone, looked at a few and will try this metallic beauty.

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