Unlocking Financial Freedom: How I Surpassed My Monthly Salary in Just One Week as a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Unlocking Financial Freedom: My Journey to Success as a Full-Time Mompreneur

Embracing Full-Time Entrepreneurship

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or LinkedIn, you would know that I did a thing. I quit my corporate job a few weeks ago. Becoming a full-time entrepreneur was a leap of faith, a shift from treating my business as a side hustle to making it my main focus. 

With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, the decision to resign from my day job, despite facing challenges and anxiety, marked a significant turning point. It took me weeks, honestly, to get over the initial hurt and depression, but, as soon as I made up my mind, there was so much peace that I thought I’d share my journey with you. 

I hope this Blog helps someone who may be going through the same thing.


The Catalyst for Change

Turning Point: The Missed Promotions

The decision to fully commit to my business came after being overworked and being passed up for promotion twice in my day job. It was a catalyst, triggering weeks of reflection, emotional turmoil, and ultimately, a resolve for change.

Support System: My Family’s Encouragement

The theme of my recently concluded Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch was “Empowering Mom Entrepreneurs and their Support System”. How I was supported through this journey was exactly that. Discussing the decision with my family, particularly my children, was crucial. Their unwavering support, even expressed through applause, fueled my determination. 

I had lots of days of letting the tears flow. I had to grieve the death of my life as I knew it for the past seven years. As soon as I got past that stage, it was time to move on.

I attended an event a few months ago in New York and met one of my Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch panelists, Antonia Fifi. We were chatting about a few things, and this one statement stood out to me and gave me so much comfort. She said that I must have belief in myself and know my capabilities. She said if I know that I am the type of person that can make things happen, then I will be alright, because I will find a way to get a solution to any challenge that may arise. 

The transition from a traditional job to full-time entrepreneurship began with this belief.


Planning for Success

Strategic Shift: Treating My Business as the Main Focus

The key to success hinges on treating my business as the primary venture, not just a side hustle. This shift in perspective marked the beginning of a well-thought-out plan to achieve financial freedom.

Hard Work and Planning: The Cornerstones

While the week started with high energy and a meticulously planned schedule, reality brought unexpected twists. The completion of all quotations set the stage, but it was the unforeseen success of a quote that became the game-changer.


Surpassing Monthly Salary: The Turning Point

Financial Triumph: Profits Beyond Expectation

Throughout my life, God has always shown me by confirmation that I have made the right decision. This situation was no different! In a turn of events, or by divine design, the profits from a successful order surpassed what would have been my monthly salary in the day job! I felt a sense of confirmation that I made the right decision, and I am on the right track. This moment solidified the decision to transition fully into entrepreneurship, unlocking the financial freedom I had envisioned.


Lessons Learned: A Message of Hope for Mompreneurs

No Ceilings in Business

My journey is a testament that in entrepreneurship, there are no ceilings. Hard work, meticulous planning, and unwavering belief in oneself and their abilities are the cornerstones of success. The journey WILL be challenging, but the rewards are limitless.

Hope for Mompreneurs

To my fellow mompreneurs, this is not just a true story; it’s a message of hope. With a clear plan, resilience, and the belief that anything is achievable, you can surpass your goals. Entrepreneurship is a journey; embrace it, plan for it, and success will follow.

In the realm of business, there are no limits—only possibilities waiting to be unlocked. Believe in your capabilities, and you will achieve whatever you set your sights on. The journey may not always go as planned, but with determination and a well-thought-out strategy, the rewards can far surpass your expectations. Unlock your financial freedom by daring to believe in yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

What journey are you currently on in entrepreneurship? Share your own experiences or thoughts in the comment section below.

Extra Extra!

This video below made me smile this week. It explains so beautifully where I am today.


With belief in your potential, 


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