Goal Setting In 2021 For Mompreneurs

Goal Setting In 2021 For Mompreneurs

Think back to the beginning of 2020. Like most mompreneurs, you started the new year with many goals and high optimism. What goals did you set? Maybe 2020 was the year you were going to lose weight, grow your business, set boundaries, practice self-care, meet someone or improve your parenting.

How did it go?

2020 came to an end and left some of us quite baffled. It’s clear that last year brought out the resilience in us all, and the long list of goals became quite trivial. It has caused me to immediately re-set my goals to make them more focused in light of our current world realities. I reduced my list from 6-10 goals, to my TOP 3 GOALS.

I want to show you how to identify your TOP 3 GOALS!

First, let’s start with the question, how did you do on your Top 3 goals in 2021? 

Step 1: Pick your number one goal in each of the following categories:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Physical
  3. Financial

If you had achieved these 3 goals in 2020, do you think it would have been your best year ever? If your answer is anything but YES, redo Step 1 with bigger goals. 

Did you do it? Do you feel more confident but scared out of your boots? If your answer is YES, then we are ready to go to the next step. How much better do you feel knowing you now have clear targets to go after? This process takes the anxiety away and allows you to get down to business. You know what you want, now let’s get you there!

Step 2: Turn your Top 3 Goals into your Top 3 one year goals.

If you believe you can’t complete your Top 3 Goals in one year, rewrite them so that you can complete them in one year. Make sure you don’t reduce them down to the point where they don’t inspire you, but just enough to make them one-year goals.  

Step 3: Choose three (3) people to hold you accountable to your top 3 Goals, one (1) person for each goal. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We jump from goal to goal never achieving any of them. Once you achieve at least one of those goals, you will start feeling like the goals you set can be achieved ten times greater than your current list. 

Step 4:  Get a blank piece of paper. Choose one of the persons that will be holding you accountable. Write,  “Dear ” at the top of the paper, followed by, “I, promise to consistently make progress on for the entire year of 2021 until it is achieved. I will give you monthly updates on my progress.”

Sign your name on the bottom. Do the same thing with your other 2 goals. 

Step 5: Give the letters to the respective persons and post your goals in a location where you can review them daily. Update your new accountability buddies on your progress and lookout 2021. 

Congratulations on completing this quick goal setting exercise! 

Here are an additional seven (7) tips to help you take it to the next level.

1. Start out small. Don’t think about huge sweeping changes that you want. Pick small goals that you can achieve.

2. Become resolved and committed to your goals by writing them down and signing your name to them.

3. Read your goals out loud every day and ask yourself what behavior and actions are needed today to achieve them. In the past you made goals and got busy and those goals were quickly forgotten. Remind yourself daily.

4. Take the action you decided on that day. Every inch you move forward gets you closer to your goal.

5. At the end of your day, read your goal again out loud and ask yourself if you did everything you could to achieve it. Make necessary adjustments on your actions the next day when reading your goals again.

6. SMART Goals that can be achieved in 30 – 90 days are best. 

7. After achieving your goals, immediately make new 30 – 90 day goals and repeat the process.

Soon, you will be celebrating a successful pattern of behavior that will bring you endless results for years to come.

Here’s to your success in 2021!



Leave us a note below: Have you set your intentions and goals for 2021 as yet? If you have, how do you feel about them? If not, what support do you desire? We can definitely help. 

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