I’ve always seen those 40 under 40 awards being given by Forbes and in my Country, Trinidad & Tobago. I was determined to make the list! That dream did not come to reality, but I’m not letting that stop me from acknowledging how far I have come in my life and business.

So I’m creating my own 40 under 40 list of accomplishments! I always ask my audience what they appreciate and love the most about me. This helps me to understand the impact I make and what I can do to be better. I love to record my wins, big and small. It allows me to express more gratitude when I accomplish a goal.

Without further ado, here is my list of 40 things I accomplished under the age of 40.

  1. Made my first income at age 10
  2. Was chosen to sing for my Primary School Graduation
  3. Led two church choirs at age 14
  4. Spent summers on Richard Branson’s private island at age 14 (thank you Aunty Margaret)
  5. Passed for my first choice Secondary School
  6. Graduated with full passes from my Secondary School
  7. Joined a girl group and sang at different events
  8. Started working a full time job at age 19
  9. Travelled by myself to North America at age 20
  10. Had my adorable son at age 25
  11. Bought my first car at age 25
  12. Started my first business which was a Franchise at age 27
  13. Made my first million by age 28
  14. Had my second child at age 30
  15. Had third child at age 32
  16. Had fourth child at age 34
  17. Started my second business at age 36
  18. Started University at age 36
  19. Hosted my first Workshop for women entrepreneurs at age 36
  20. Hosted my second Workshop at age 36
  21. Got my first grant fund at age 36
  22. Hired my first Business Coach at age 36
  23. Won a $1,000 USD camera from my first business coach at age 36
  24. Created my first Coaching offer at age 36
  25. Hired my second Business Coach at age 37
  26. Wrote my first and second E-Book at age 37
  27. Made my first six figures in my Coaching/Consulting business at age 37
  28. Started a new Corporate Job at age 37
  29. Travelled to Italy and Paris for a Mastermind at age 38
  30. Created my first High Ticket offer at age 38
  31. Created my first website at age 38
  32. Hired my third coach at age 38
  33. Had my first Mom’s Night Out Event at age 38
  34. Had my first, second and third speaking engagements at age 39
  35. Published my first book (The Growth Hacking Book) as a collaboration at age 39
  36. Booked a celebrity to speak at my Mom’s Night Out II Event (damn you Covid!)
  37. Bought a second car at age 39
  38. Launched and completed my second High Ticket Program: The Ultimate Mompreneur
  39. Started my first US Based Company: Mompreneur Solutions LLC
  40. Launched my first Physical product: The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner

I am sure you can list accomplishments according to your age too! When you are focused on your goals, you would make steps that will make you more experienced in your field. If you notice, there was a lull in my life from 28 – 36. That was the time when my business had crashed. I lost focus and found myself just existing (and having babies. LOL). 

If you know my story, you would know that at age 36, my life changed when I decided that I deserved better. Business has changed my life! It gives me the opportunity to serve as well as change the lives of others. If I was not consistent and determined to succeed, I know of a few lives that would not have hope today. 

As I enter the 40’s club, I know now, more than ever, that giving up is NOT an option. I get tired, yes, however, my dreams won’t let me come to a stop. This year, I hope (and I’m quite determined) to take my life to another level.

Yes! I have rewarded myself with my own 40 under 40!

Let me know some of your accomplishments that make you proud of yourself in the comments below.

P.S: Did you hear that The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner is launching this week! Stay tuned to our IG page and our new website www.theultimatemompreneurplanner.com this week for updates and to find out how you can get on the waitlist for this amazing product. 

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