Life & Business Journal for Women Entrepreneurs

Hi there!

  • I am so happy you are here! You are considering getting this journal, and it shows me that you are ready to take your life and business to the next level.
  • You know the importance of writing your thoughts and feelings down, especially during this challenging time.
  • You know that your desires can become a reality with the power of journaling.
  • If you know my story, you would know that a few years ago, I was flat out broke and depressed.
  • My business of 8 years had closed down.
  • I had 4 children to take care of. My marriage was shaky, and we were living at my mother-in-law’s house! It was on my 35th birthday in 2015, that I decided to change my life.
  • I could not go on another day in that environment.
  • I broke down in my shower, and that day I asked God to help me.
  • I could no longer fight on my own.
  • Sure enough, by the end of that evening, I received the help I asked for. I got a full download of what I should name my new business, who I should be serving and what message I should be sharing.
  • The first message was about Journaling. I wrote down daily what I was grateful for, what concerned me, and what I could do to overcome challenges.
  • After journaling consistently for a few months, our family was able to move into our own 4-bedroom space, and I was able to make over 6-figures consistently since then!
  • This is the power of journaling together with prayer and belief in your abilities.
  • I want you to use this journal to help you on your journey.
  • After your purchase, drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know how your life has changed in the next few weeks, because it will!


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