In commemoration of World Mental Health Day which was on 10th October 2020, I wanted to share some perspectives with you on this very important topic.

Your mental health is an amazing part of what makes you as a person. Personal development is a way of life that affects your mind, actions, and how you treat others around you. It plays a vital role in your overall well being and the relationships around you. Oftentimes, as mompreneurs, we get so caught up in the physical aspects of what’s on the outside and forget to take care of the inside. Exercising our brain consciously and subconsciously is an important factor when improving your life and creating a healthy state of mind as you age.  

When a mom is depressed, stressed, tired and frustrated, it affects everything she does as well as the people closest to her. I remember someone telling me in a depressed state, that she couldn’t even watch television because she didn’t want to watch the living. When I feel down, I often think of that comment and it reminds me of a place I don’t ever want to be. Isolating yourself from others could turn into something very dangerous and unfortunately help will only start with one person. YOU! Although there is a laundry list of books and professional help out there, this article gives you a jump start to get you slightly motivated to move forward.

Moving an inch is greater than lying still.

Studies indicate that the most common reason for depression is the lack of interests and activities. When improving your personal life, interests and activities are vital in mental health, self esteem and happiness. Motivation can help you overcome trying something new or remembering exactly what makes you happy. Asking friends and family to help motivate me is a tool that I use when I’m in the need of a little push. Reward yourself when accomplishing tasks. Celebrating your wins helps you to feel better about yourself and your ability to do great things.

Laughter does a great deal for our mind and body. Developing interests, activities, friendships and learning how to cope with the emotional pain will conquer your personal problems and further solve your thinking habits.  Doing this will get you on the road of happiness and success, as long as you put forth the effort.   

Here are a few techniques that helped me prepare myself mentally for success.

There are brain exercises designed to give our mental faculties the boost they need. These activities and exercises are good for everyone who seeks mental clarity.

Many researchers and professionals hold on to the numerous studies showing that the brain really needs exercise just like the body does. Studies have shown that people who have tried to perform brain exercises regularly have improved memory as well as focus. With simple brain exercises the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain are made better; your brain becomes healthier.

Here are two exercises:

Cross Crawls

Cross crawls is a type of exercise that is based on the principle that our nervous system works homolaterally. This means that the left portion of our brain controls the movement of the right portion of our body, and so on for the other half. The principles of kinesiology are also applied in this exercise wherein rhythmic movements are suggested so that the brain’s lateralization can be improved further. You can do this simply by touching your right hand or elbow to your left knee, and vice versa.

This exercise integrates the different functions and tasks of the brain. This exercise is good for strengthening your immune system’s responses.

Lazy Eights

Another exercise which can benefit both the left and right hemispheres of the brain is the “lazy eights.” This is done by drawing the number “8” on a piece of paper using your right hand for two minutes. After the right hand, you may proceed to draw the same sign using your left hand. This can be done as often as you wish. It promotes concentration, and your hand-and-eye coordination will improve. You will also feel a reduction in stress and an enhancement of your mood.

With the “Rhythmic Eights” modification, you can create an imaginary eight in the air with your hands. This should be sufficient to coordinate the two sides of your brain as well.

By varying your brain work out, you are also able to exercise as many parts of your brain as possible and improve your mental health.

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know in the comments what strategies are working best for you as you work from home.

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