How to remove chaos from your life

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Often times, when we don’t have a routine, our lives can become chaotic. This week I share some ways you can remove chaos from your life with some simple daily shifts.

Let me know in the comments below which of these steps you can take today.

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Hi there ladies, welcome to this week’s Ultimate Mompreneur show. And we’re going to be talking all about why a routine is important for you as a Mompreneur, and how you can remove the chaos from your life.

So before the arrival of my fourth child, I would say that I had a good routine. Business had slowed a bit so I had more time at home to take care of my family and my home. As they say: “with every new child, your life changes”. And so, I found myself being all over the place. Things were a lot more chaotic than usual and I know it was because there was some additional contributing factors. I had challenges such as stress, anxiety, illness, and depression. And that was because I had so much going on in my life around that time.

Now, this really caused me to be so disorganized and sick all the time, and I knew I had to get my life in order. So, how do you rid your life of the obstacles to your happiness and change it for the better?

Let me share this with you. A mind full of chaos leads to a chaotic life. So I started with inner work and here are a few things that I focused on.

The first thing was healing. I want you to try and get over the instances in your life that cause you hurt and pain. This is a major contributing factor to stress. Human nature allows you to hold on to the past and to hold on to regrets and always makes you remember your earlier trauma. But you cannot live a fulfilling future if you are holding on to an unhappy past. Learn to let go. Blaming someone or something else absolves us from personal responsibility. Accepting 100% responsibility brings about the energy of healing and I know I had a lot healing to do from past hurts and pain.

I had to learn to forgive, forget, and to move on. That was the only way I can see the light at the end of that tunnel of unhappiness. So forgiveness is key to healing. And the first person I had to forgive was myself. I forgave myself for bad decisions that I would have made. For not taking steps towards my personal development and for just being ignorant about certain facts that would cause my life to be happier.

Another thing I would say to you that you can do is to display unconditional love. You should offer unconditional love to people if you want to have peace and serenity in your life. Love has the power to eradicate all forms of darkness. When you offer love, even to your enemies, you destroy their darkness and hatred and one of the ways you can do this that you can get this unconditional love is to draw closer to your higher being and for me that is God. When I do that, I see how much love is extended towards me and towards my life and all of the mercy and the grace that was given just for me to be happy and to be comfortable in my life. So I want you to draw closer to your higher being so that you can feel that unconditional love so that you are in the best position to give it with your whole heart.

The third thing I want you to do is to eliminate negative thoughts. When negative thoughts like anxiety, fear, worry, pessimism, and uncertainty. When these things invade your mind, I want you to focus on thoughts that move you forward and don’t take you backward. So when those negative thoughts pop up in your mind, I want you to practice switching those thoughts from bad to good. Now, this really does take some practice so make it a part of your daily routine. Now I know our topic was having a proper routine and schedule and how you can do this by removing the chaos from your life.

I know these points were maybe not what you were quite thinking of, but I always like to look at things from a different angle. A lot of the change that we need in our life comes from first changing our mind and when we start there a lot of things flow from that. So if you want to remove chaos than I want you to heal. I want you to show unconditional love and I want you to remove the negative thoughts that come your way.

When you declutter your mind, then you would declutter your life. So this was my talk for you this week. I hope you found it helpful. Let me know in the comments what you are going to do today to start to remove the chaos from your mind by doing some of this inner work that I would have shared with you about.

So go ahead. Be great and give yourself permission to do amazing things this week. I believe in you and you’ve got this. Have an amazing day. Bye!

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Hi, I`m Kelisha Mills! I`m a wife, a mom of 4, and an Entrepreneur for over 15 years. My emarkable gift lies in igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within mompreneurs, propelling them toward their aspirations.