I remember seeing influencers and mentors going through a phase of extreme success. Meaning, everything seemed to be going in their favor. A season came when they were just in a momentum of recognition. They were featured in every conference, podcast and magazine. To be honest, I got in my feelings and wished I was in their shoes. I wanted to have that feeling of being sought out and recognized for the work I do. 

Then I started to think about myself and where I was at. I quickly brought myself back to reality when I got an aha moment. I realized it was their time. All of their work over the years led up to this moment. I started doing some research on this phase of life when it becomes “your time”. I want to share with you some questions you could ask yourself if you are feeling stuck or unappreciated in your business journey.


1. Have I paid my dues?

The Cambridge Dictionary online says paying your dues means “to earn the right to have something because you worked hard”. Therefore, your time comes at some point in your life if you work hard towards your goals. Now, working hard doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your time in the business, sacrificing your health and happiness. I believe working hard means consistently working your plan that is in alignment with your big dream or goal. I look at mompreneurs like Mattie James, Sara Blakeley, Courtney Adeleye and Myleik Teele. All of these women have paid their dues. They have been working consistently for a number of years (often 10+ years) in their field. They went through the processes of long nights, no’s rejection and hurts, to now be in a place where they can call the shots. It’s not their turn to decide if they will accept offers, make appearances or collaborate. So, ask yourself if you have paid your dues.


2. Have I been coached/mentored by the best?

Two years into my Coaching business, I realized I could no longer consume all of the free workshops, downloads, articles, checklists, and YouTube content that I could find on Business Coaching. I was completely overwhelmed and confused. The content was general and was not specifically targeted to my niche. I then realized I did not detail my niche, and I didn’t know how to define it. I also did not know who my ideal client was, my marketing message, or how to coach. I started to change my mindset and decided if I was going to do anything, I had to put my all into investing in myself. 

That’s when I made the leap to coach with Brendon Burchard. By some “coincidence”, I got an email from him offering a coaching program that had everything I needed at the time. Talk about a sign! Though the $997 program was a stretch for me, I signed up. My vision was expanded and I received mentorship and tools that are beneficial to this very day. When you are coached by the best, you receive tools that will carry you to your next level and beyond. 

Since then, I have increased my level of investment every time. If you follow any successful entrepreneur, you would find out that they are being coached or mentored by the best. So, ask yourself if your current mentor/coach is high-level and if they can really take you to your next level.


3. Who are my connections?

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase “pay to play”. Oftentimes, the connections you need come at a cost. Unless your parents are super rich entrepreneurs or politicians, getting into the room of high net worth individuals is almost impossible. Having the right connections allows you to take the elevator instead of the stairs. So, how do you get the right connections? If your mentor or coach is high level, then that may create an opening for you. However, mentors or coaches rarely introduce you to their contacts if you are not doing the work they ask of you. This is why you must out-perform every other mentee and show that you mean business. Stand out from the crowd and show them how special you are and how much you desire success in your field. I have seen many times where coaches/mentors know when their student is ready, and they open a door for them that catapults their career/business into great success. This is the beginning stage of “their time”, and it will only get better from there. So, make a note of who your connections are, and ways you can out-perform your peers.


4. Am I putting myself out there?

Are you the world’s best-kept secret? Are you still afraid to talk about yourself and what you do? Do you feel anxiety when it is time to share about your business? Do you cringe at the thought of your family members looking at your content? 

Staying in this state will cause you to be continuously unknown in your niche. Being the best-kept secret will not allow you to be seen. Firstly, you never know who will get a breakthrough when you tell your story. You may just save a life or bring some clarity to a listener. Secondly, you are keeping money out of your bank account because you are not talking about your product or service. You never know who may need it. 

I remember going through imposter syndrome for a few years; even to this very day at times. Myleik said it best in her recent IGTV Myleik Minute. You have to remember your opinion matters, and you should share it with the world. You were chosen to be in the room. Your unique viewpoint is desired. 

So, go on beautiful! Share your story. Sell your product/service.

Be proud of what you are accomplishing. The right person may just see you at the right time and decide to share what you are doing with their friends and associates.

Work on these areas consistently, and surely sooner or later, “YOUR TIME” will come.



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