How to make better decisions

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Are you tired of going down the road of making bad decisions that affect your life and business? I was at that place for many years, until I learned the steps towards good decision making. This week I share those critical steps with you.

Let me know in the comments below which of these steps you can take today.

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Hi there and welcome to this week’s ultimate Mompreneur show. Thank you for tuning in and we have a juicy topic this week. We are talking about how you can learn to make the right decisions in your life and in your business. Now during my teen years and even through my thirties, I’ve made a ton of bad decisions and these have cost me dearly in my life and in my business. Now with all of those years of growing and becoming an adult and having responsibilities, you would think you would learn from some of the bad choices that you made. At one point in time, I was like Kelisha can’t you make a good decision for once in your life?

With all of my good intentions, I still found myself not thinking situations through. I also found that my lack of good decision making affected my children’s future.  In this digital world, I began thinking of how a bad online reputation can taint the success of my future generation. So when I could not take the stress of bad decisions anymore I started a quest of learning how to make better decisions and I learned that good decision making is a key attribute to a happy life.

There’s a best selling author called Bryon Tracy and he argues the further you think into the future the better decisions you will make in the present to assure that future becomes a reality. So making better decisions improves the quality of your life. And often times we think we are so grown, we feel like we don’t have to listen to anyone and that we know best, therefore, we can make our own decisions but sometimes we need help and here are a few things that you can do.

The first thing is to define the problem or the issue. If you are not clear on what the problem is then it would be difficult for you to get the right solution. The second thing would be to conduct research on the matter. Ask around, read books, search online for other persons who may have had that challenge that you are having right now. Discuss the matter with respected individuals with similar challenges. Now when you get some answers the third thing I want you to do is consider at least two alternatives and I would suggest that you choose the top two. The fourth thing that I want you to do is to select the best decision based on your value system. In order to do that, then you must have your list of values. If you don’t I want you to take a moment to create at least five values that will govern your life and how you would operate and when you have found that best decision then I want you to move on and accept any consequences.

So I want you to realize that making decisions is a difficult process. Now no one would usually applaud your many good decisions however they would take you to task for those bad decisions that you have made. Les Brown says that “Your values are not set by government or church leaders. Your values give you consistency in the way you approach your life. By holding to your beliefs you can always stay on track towards your dreams”. So I want you to go over those steps that I gave. Don’t rush.  Take a moment. Decisions take time. Right decisions take time.

After many years of wrong decision making, I am finally on my way to doing things in a better way. And I want to ensure that I am the first example of thinking things through so that my children and those who follow me can also take the time to think things through so that they can have the best result.

So I want you to let me know in the comments below what did you think of this week’s topic? You would have learned the steps that you can take today to make better decisions in your life and in your business. Leave me a comment or send me a message if you would like additional help in this area. So thank you so much for tuning in this week. Let’s continue the conversation on this topic.

Have an amazing week. Bye!

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