Do you feel stuck? Then do this

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What do you do when you have all these ideas in your head, and it stops you from moving forward? In this BLOG, we talk about what you can do to get you from stuck to productive!

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Hi there, and welcome to this week’s BLOG. Today we are talking all about feeling stuck. And I want to ask you are you feeling stuck as a mompreneur? Then do this.

If you haven’t tuned in to me before my name is Kelisha Mills and I am a Success Coach to mom entrepreneurs, and I really help them to find that symmetry so that they have a happy life as well as a successful business.

Now feeling stuck. I know I would have felt stuck in my second year of business coaching. I felt as though all the things, all of the plans and all of the activities that I was doing that I was not advancing as fast as I wanted to and for that reason, I felt stuck. Now, what does it mean to be stuck? If you think about a piece of paper that is stuck together. If you try to open or tear that paper apart to separate it, whatever is in between that would be destroyed or be torn and it does not move anywhere once that paper is stuck together. Whatever is in between its there. It cannot move and that’s how I felt in my mind. I felt as though I was not moving and I wanted to get unstuck.

Now, I want to show you a few ways that you can get unstuck. A few things that you can do to move yourself from one place to the next. 

The first thing that I had to understand was that my mind was stuck on one place and I had to find the ways to move, to shift my focus from that one thing that I was thinking about. And the first thing that I learned when I decided to make that shift was that I had to shift my mind from only thinking about myself. What I was going through. What I was thinking about. What was not moving for me. I knew that I was a nice person. I knew that I had great ideas. I knew that I had helped so many Mompreneurs but I had to shift my focus from myself. That nice, but frustrated person. That person who is looking at themselves in the mirror to someone else. I had to shift my focus to other people who inhabit this great earth. And what do I mean by that? I had to shift my focus from me to others. I had to shift my mind from being the receiver to being the giver. And this is important to the initial process. This is where you start. And here’s what I mean by that. No matter what you do, the job you have, the business you have, what you do on a daily basis. Whatever you do for your household to bring that income and that stability to those who are in it, somewhere down the line someone else will benefit from all the things that you do. So if are caught in that quicksand. If you are feeling as though, you are not moving, then I want you to think about the persons who are going to benefit from you being productive. You moving forward. Think about the persons who would benefit. Who would be better off in their life, in their business? Who would be happier? More profitable because of you showing up and for you taking that step to move your life and your business forward. Think about how you give your talent, your time, your knowledge so that someone else can benefit in the long run.

So you see what can happen here? When you shift your focus from you to someone else that may benefit from your work and from your business; the things, activities, the tasks that you do every day; then it all seems worth it. That you are able to help someone else in the long run with your stability. Then things start taking on a new significance. You are now the giver. Your life is now more meaningful and you know that what you do now is truly important to someone else and that is so special.

Now if you have to think and stretch your imagination so far that you really don’t what to do and this is going on for weeks and even months then it may be time for you to think about something else. Think about another business area. Think about another talent or skill that you may have that will allow you to move forward in a greater way. Now I know that there are so many people who can benefit from your time, from your skills and from your talent. So now is the time for you to think about all of the things that you do well. I want you to make a list and go through that list and see in an order of let’s say top to bottom. List the top 10 things that you enjoy doing. The things that you do better than anyone else. The things that people commend you for and wish that they can do it as easy as you and then you would realize that there are more things that you are talented at and there are more ways that you can be of benefit and purpose and there are more ways that you can serve someone else later down the line then you really think.

So once you start thinking in that way, you will be out of that quicksand, out of being stuck before you know it. So this was just my short tip for you this week. I want you to follow on the conversation with me throughout my social media pages as well as my IGTV. You can also find me on YouTube. So let’s continue this conversation on being stuck. Let me know what period of your life have you ever felt stuck and what did you do to move yourself from that position?
I hope this little chat has been helpful. Let me know in the comments below and we shall continue our conversation during the week this week. Thanks so much for listening. Bye!

So I thank you so much for listening. You can follow over 800 other mom entrepreneurs inside my Facebook group The Successful Mom Entrepreneur Network or follow me on Instagram @kelishamills for more tips for you mompreneurs. Have a great day! I believe in you. Let’s go and do this. Bye!

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