Creating A Business From Necessity As A Woman / Mom Entrepreneur

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As a woman (especially a mom) entrepreneur, it may be hard at times to realize that extra income that is needed to take care of your family. I know for sure I went through a few years of little or no income coming in. During those times, it is hard to be in a creative mode. However, if you take a moment to look at your situation, you will find that you CAN create a business from where you are! 

That is how I created Kingdom Women International, a personal development and consulting company for mom entrepreneurs, showing them how they can grow that new business idea by using key business strategies. I want to show you in this article how another mom did this, and how she went from $0 to a $350,000 investment from a famous mom entrepreneur!


Whitney Lundeen had no money, even to the point of not being able to afford childcare for her children. Being a single mother, she knew she had to do something fast.  


Problem she faced: She could not fit into her pre-pregnancy clothing, and she could not afford new clothes.

ABC7 News interviewed Lundeen and here is what she said:

“There’s this problem and I went to the stores and I didn’t find anything that was meet in the middle so I was just like I’m going to make something”. Here is the thing, she did not have the skill of sewing. “At the time I was a single mom and I would put my boys to bed and then from 8 until 2 every night I would just teach myself and it was a super hard learning curve,” recalled Lundeen. 


Out of necessity, she created easy to wear, wash friendly clothing for moms who play with their kids. Brilliant! What I find particularly amazing about this is the fact that she was not skilled in sewing. But she made the investment in herself to learn about a skill that would solve a problem that she faced. Now she has Sara Balkely, the creator of Spanx, investing in her business on the hit entrepreneurial show Shark Tank!

Great things can come about from taking the time to think about a problem you can solve as a woman or mom entrepreneur. So, my question to you is, what new business idea can you create today?

Visit ABC7 News for the full story.

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