For Mompreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level without their daily input.


Remove Burnout

Remove burnout by instantly working less hours



Design a framework that maps out your Ultimate team that will cause you to scale to your next level



Discover the areas that will accelerate your business & family growth

Mompreneur overwhelm is real! We all want highly successful businesses, but that often comes at a high cost if the right framework isn't in place.

You’re the Ultimate Mompreneur! You
  • Value exclusivity
  • Are a high achiever
  • Want to be catered to
  • Desire self sufficient business impact
  • Want to have a happy family
  • Want to leave a legacy
  • Want to be present with your family


You Work Hard!

And to get accelerated clarity, you don’t mind investing in yourself to gain mental health and a solid plan.

You know growth takes time and you are willing to receive expert advice from a Mompreneur who has been where you are.

You Desire:
  • Taking summers off with your family
  • Checking into a luxury hotel by yourself for the weekend
  • Attending events all over the world
  • Buying whatever you want
  • Sleeping in on any day you wish
  • Having 60 undisturbed minutes to just think and to slow down
  • Being present with your spouse
  • Soaking in a tub with wine / chocolate / cake


But Right Now You…
  • Believe you must be involved in the day to day operations
  • Have serious issues with delegating
  • Know you’re at the cusp of your next level,
  • But just can’t quite put your finger on your next steps


Now is your time to finally get that strategy in place so that you can step out of that hamster wheel and into your rightful place as the visionary and creative mind in your business.

Hi, I`m

Kelisha Mills

  • I’m a Wife
  • Mom of 4
  • BSc. Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur for over 13 years
  • Scaled my dying business to 7-Figures
  • Success Coach
  • Author
  • Speaker


I’ve helped over a hundred Mompreneurs find that symmetry, so they can have a successful business and a happy family.


What if you can have uninterrupted time where you can get a plan that brings such clarity in one day as opposed to joining another 6-8 week coaching program?


The VIP Day Is All About You!

For the resilient mompreneur who has the desire to get shit done TODAY, so you can do whatever you desire tomorrow, or next week, or next month. What will this VIP Day with me look like?

This can be your reality, sooner than you think.




Relax, Learn, Grow

An exclusive and high impact experience where you will receive my undivided attention in an intimate environment to help you develop your Ultimate Mompreneur life, by decreasing the many touch points you currently hold in your business.


“Receive my undivided attention in an intimate environment to help you develop your Ultimate Mompreneur life.”

What`s Included?

Kelisha Mills writing something down
  1. Pre-work assessment to get clear on where you are
  2. 30 minute Prep call to solidify the agenda
  3. 5 hour Virtual Planning Session focusing on your schedule, commitments, team structure, offerings, marketing plan, industry analysis and growth opportunities.
  4. Support for 30 days via Voxer
  5. 1:1 call 60 days after the intensive
  6. A complimentary copy of The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner
  7. Replay access to my Planning Workshop for 1 year
  8. On demand access to any paid Masterclass I release in 2021
  9. Private Facebook Community with access to other exclusive VIP Mompreneurs
  10. Referral list and Market Research reports of leaders in your industry.

Your Investment
10,000 USD $7,500

At the end of the day you will have

  • Super clarity on your ultimate role in your business
  • A detailed plan of action that can be implemented immediately
  • Increased confidence and empowerment about the value of your time
  • A Strategic Plan that is designed with your eventful life in mind
  • New offerings that just feel right, knowing that you will be able to bring your best self to your audience.


(And that’s just part of the amazing transformation you’ll discover!)

Kelisha Mills standing against a wall

This Is For You If

  1. You are ready to do the things you love, but you’ve been putting it off because you just don’t “have the time”
  2. Are ready to regain your time, but you’re not quite sure how to release yourself from the constant overstepping of boundaries by your family, clients and suppliers
  3. Are ready to increase your impact, but you’re not clear on the activities you should be engaging in on a daily basis that increases your value.

You Can Upgrade To:



Welcome Back,
I Missed You

everything's where you left it.