7 Days To Symmetry

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For the Mompreneur Who Wants To Have It All

Tell me if you ask yourself these questions:


  • I am always out of time

  • I find difficulty in balancing time between my business and my family

  • My energy levels are low because I try to complete too many tasks for my family and my business

  • I lack motivation and focus

  • I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my kids, spouse and business

  • I fall behind in maintaining my schedules

  • I lack direction for my business and my life

  • I have challenges with marketing my business efficiently and effectively

  • I don’t have boundaries set so I’m pulled in many directions

  • I don’t have consistent sales online

  • I never have enough time to get things done


If you’ve asked yourself more than 3 of these questions, then I have just the right course for you! 7 days to Balance Symmetry is a guided course for Mompreneurs who want to have it all; a successful business, and a happy family.




I have been there! As a mom of 4, I was trying to find balance with all my duties. The demands for my online business was growing, so I was:

  • On my computer for 15 hours a day.

  • My kids were not receiving the attention they needed from me, so they fell back on their school work.

  • My husband started to complain about my lack of focus at home and in our marriage.

  • I started getting sick very often with the flu.

  • I was overwhelmed with still having to do house chores and keep up to date with assignments for my Bachelor’s degree.

  • I would get headaches, eye strain and neck pains from constantly looking at my laptop screen.

  • I was so consumed with all the marketing tasks that were taking up over 50% of my time.

  • I just could not separate my online business time and spend time equally with my family.

  • I suffered from mom guilt every minute my kids came home from school and on the weekends.

  • I wanted to grow my business, but I wanted to enjoy my kids as well.


Until one day, I came to a realization that it was NOT about trying to find balance, but it was about finding symmetry. I was so burned out. I knew I could not continue down the path I was headed. I knew I had to change my focus and get some sort of structure to my life as a mom and an entrepreneur.


What women are saying about 7 Days to Symmetry

Why am I qualified to teach you? Here are some facts about me:

With this course, you’ll have the resources you need to ditch the balancing act, and be well on your way towards symmetry! You will become skilled at getting things done on time and with purpose.

Each day, for 7 days, we dive deep to uncover your super powers in the areas of your: 

Meet Your Coach

Kelisha Mills is a wife, mom of 4, university student (Entrepreneurship Major), author, speaker and an Entrepreneur for over 12 years. She resides in the Caribbean Island of Tobago. Having the experience of the highs and lows of running different businesses over the years while being a mom, Kelisha knows that she has much to share with other women like herself. She has worked with some of the best international High-Performance Coaches and mentors. Kelisha has a strong passion to see women become successful entrepreneurs. That is why she formed Kingdom Women International, a personal development company. She has hosted online and live workshops geared towards Entrepreneurship and Time Management. She as written numerous exclusive articles and blogs for organizations and prominent websites like Boss Babe. Her latest achievement is  her involvement in a book collaboration that was recently named “Best Growth Hacking Books of all time by Book Authority, and featured on Forbes as Top 8 Books To Inspire the Solopreneurs On Your Holiday Gift List.

Kelisha specializes in life makeovers for women entrepreneurs, helping them gain the clarity and confidence they need to find symmetry so they can run a successful business and have quality time with their families.

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